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“Thank you so much for the email, and specific honesty regarding your evaluation of our project and work. I want to first of all thank you for the extensive and impressive submission you made to our curators and team. I didn’t doubt that it was going to impress them and speak to their own ideas, and curatorial concepts, but I’m even more pleased it did so in such an immediate and layered way.


While our work and much of our content is conceptual, modern and contemporary and includes a lot of new-media and mediums, we are committed to a timeless narrative, and poetic vision that aligns with your own, we feel that the stories and perspective you have with your work, belongs with modern and conceptual art because your work is raw, powerful and very very unique. The transient nature of your work and energy alone in your photographs is truly magical.”


Claudia Rainer - Art Productions, New York City.

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